All the Fallen of the Great War

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All the Fallen of the Great War

Post by Johnny44 » Sun May 10, 2015 7:21 pm

Now we are well into the 100th anniversery of the Great War and having recently completed compiling a photographic record (with much welcome support from Roger Shore & Dave Godden) of the graves in St John the Baptist our parish church - I decided to investigate further the lives of each of the men who had been recorded as fallen in our records
The results are now available on our website and you can go directly to it from this link

My research was limited to public domain records from the Commonwealth Graves Commission (CWGC), military sites such as The Long,Long Trail & Forces War Records and Wikipedia amongst others. I have not used any census, service records or ancestry sites and while compiling it I was amazed by the many theatres of war in which our men served and fell, surprised by all the varied units that were involved and of course horrified by the waste and futility of so much of the carnage of the Great War

If you can help contribute or even correct any of the details given here please contact me here

PS The photographic record referred to in the first paragraph is about to go live so please watch out for it

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