Does anyone know Paul Shering?

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Does anyone know Paul Shering?

Post by Johnny44 » Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:05 pm

While working in our Community Centre today I received a phone call from a Mr Eric Painter who is 88 years young and living in St Austell but used to live in Malvern(?) Road and had a childhood friend Paul Shering who lived in one of the "Royals"
Eric is really interested in finding Paul, his family or anyone who knows or knew of him. I have his contact details but am wary of publishing them so if you can help PLEASE contact me through the forum
He unsurprisingly has no internet access but his son does and may also contact jp137 and Eric may ring the Centre again so we need to help if we can
It would appear that Paul was evacuated during WW2 by boat to Canada but 300 miles from the IK the boat was torpedoed and he returned to Bournemouth
Any ideas?


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